Nikki Webb

Reception & Administration

Nikki brought her background in early learning to the @home team in 2022, immediately making a positive impression with her confident communication, and motivation to pursue a fulfilling career aligned with her personality and skills.

In her diverse role spanning customer service and administration, Nikki serves as a vital support pillar for the property management team. Her adeptness at managing multiple tasks and varied administrative processes not only streamlines operations but also enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the team's workflow. Nikki's commitment to go above and beyond to support her colleagues makes her an invaluable asset to the @home team.

Beyond her professional contributions, Nikki's delightful personality creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the workplace. Her passion for baking adds an extra layer of joy, as she consistently surprises the team with her delectable treats!

With her exceptional blend of skills, dedication, and positivity, Nikki enriches the @home team and contributes to its success on a daily basis. Her ability to balance diverse responsibilities with grace and enthusiasm underscores her potential for continued growth and success in her career with @home.