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We are constantly pursuing excellence in delivering our service to you. We want to ensure you have a positive experience, so we will always welcome your feedback. We promise to respond to all constructive feedback, focusing on providing solutions, not excuses.

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Frequently asked questions

There are a few common questions that we receive from clients and customers so we thought we would share a few. Always feel welcome to get in touch if you require more information.

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We aim to create a positive experience at every interaction with our clients and customers. We will always listen to your needs and provide the best possible solutions.

What our clients say...

I have been a tenant with @home for almost 12 months and have just signed another lease. I have found the staff friendly, professional and very helpful. It has been a wonderful stress free experience. Thank you for your excellent customer service and ongoing assistance. I would highly recommend @home.
Graham Tudor
January 24 2022
Our experience with Morgan over the last couple of years has by far been the singularly best Property Manager we have had in the 9 years we have been renting. She has been very professional with how she goes about all aspects of managing properties but also balances the professionalism with a wonderful caring and personable nature. I wanted to pass this on because most of the time people only point out things that they aren’t happy with, but I find it impossible not to say something about how good Morgan is at what she does. You are very lucky and should be very proud to have such a valuable member on your team, we consider ourselves very lucky to have her as our property manager.
Spencer Barnes
November 1 2019
Spencer Barnes
As a tenant, I cannot complain at all about the service we have received from the @Home team. They have been friendly, helpful, organised and professional for the past 18 months. They are super responsive and have made the rental process so easy and stress-free for us. Thank you guys!
Kirsten Duggan
January 27 2022
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Hi Michelle, Just a quick note to let you know we are extremely happy with Louise and the way she is managing our properties. Really appreciate Louise and her approach with both owner and tenant.
Nathan Kitto
May 1 2022
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Maddy and the whole @home team are friendly, and professional and have found the right balance between tenants' and homeowners' needs. As a tenant, I could not recommend them more highly.
Shona Murfet
May 9 2022
First time I am renting with @Home and I have to say the team at @Home are Amazing. I am so grateful that I have got to rent the property with @Home. Olivia and all the staff working with @Home are wonderful, polite and easy to deal with. If you call them for any issue or inquiry, they are super kind and quick to reply and try to fix the problem asap. This is the best agency I have ever rented the property with.
Priyanka Jethava
July 7 2022
Priyanka Jethava

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