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It is a common misconception that you are stuck with an agent during the term of a tenancy. This is absolutely not the case. Making the switch is simple. Talk to us and let us take the risk and stress out of renting!

Changing managing agents is easier than you think!

We understand that it can feel like a hassle to make a change when you might not be happy with the service from your current property manager. We assure you that it's a very simple process. We will do the work behind the scenes to make it hassle-free.

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Make the switch in 2 easy steps

  • Contact our office by phone or email
  • Complete our standard transfer notice

Let us take care of the rest

We make all the arrangements:
  • We collect all the relevant documents from the agency
  • We contact your tenants and reassure them that the change will be a positive and hassle-free experience
  • We inspect the property and provide you with a detailed report and rental market update
  • We do a risk assessment and health check on your investment, including a review of insurance, interest rates and future maintenance needs – please note that we do this with the advice of professional advisers at no cost to you
  • When the transfer takes place, and we update you on all important details, we provide ongoing support, professional advice and superior service

Contact us today and we will make it easy for you!

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What our clients say...

"The best property management company In Launceston. Have been an absolute pleasure dealing with @ home; nothing is a hassle, highly professional and most importantly personable which is rare. Would recommend them to both renters and homeowners."
Abby Rawlings
May 20 2022
Abbey Rawlings

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