Matthew Brammall

Director & Brand Manager

Meet Matt, the vibrant personality behind the @home brand, and the glue that holds our team together. As the creative force responsible for shaping the image and brand identity of @home Property Management, Matt's keen eye for detail, innovative mindset, and commitment to consistency have been instrumental in defining who we are today.

As a co-business owner, Matt's dedication to the company's success is evident in his daily presence and tireless efforts to make @home a thriving and enjoyable workplace. While he occasionally indulges in 'Man-days' on his motorbike, his passion for the brand ensures that he remains fully invested in its growth and success.

Known for his playful sense of humour and penchant for pranks, Matt injects a dose of lightheartedness into our work environment, reminding us not to take ourselves too seriously. Despite his aversion to social media, preferring face-to-face interactions over virtual connections, Matt's genuine enthusiasm for engaging with people is evident in his willingness to strike up a conversation about anything under the sun.

Beyond the laughter and banter, Matt's presence brings a sense of camaraderie and joy to what can sometimes be a challenging profession. We are grateful for his ability to infuse fun into our work while maintaining a steadfast focus on achieving our goals. Matt's unique blend of creativity, humor, and old-school charm truly makes him a cherished member of our team and a respected leader.