Ceinwyn Jones

Property Representative

Ceinwyn brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success to her role as a Property Representative at @home. With a background in hospitality and small business ownership, she transitioned seamlessly into the real estate industry in 2019, quickly establishing herself as a valuable member of the team.

Known for her exceptional attention to detail and adeptness at acquiring new skills, Ceinwyn is highly regarded for her professionalism and overall knowledge of the essential processes within the business. Her warm and welcoming demeanour fosters positive relationships with colleagues and clients alike, earning her respect and admiration.

Despite her reserved nature, Ceinwyn's dry humour and quick wit add a refreshing dynamic to the team environment. Additionally, her competitive nature drives her to excel as she consistently strives for victory.

Ceinwyn is poised to continue making significant contributions to @home and the clients she serves.

Qualification: Licensed Property Representative

Joined @home in September 2019