A Personal Approach

Most real estate agents want to be different, we just want to be better. We tailor our service and personalise our approach to ensure each client has the best possible experience.


Our commitment is to provide unsurpassed property management services to our clients, underpinned by our commitment to effective, customised communication. We will keep you updated on all important aspects relating to your investment and provide educated advice to ensure that you are represented in the best possible way. 


‚ÄčAs a business, we been recognised nationwide for our innovative approach and systems driven environment. We have a cloud based operating system allows our team to work from anywhere and our clients to access their information remotely. This includes; rent paid to dates, detailed inspection reports, statements, invoices and income and expenditure analysis. This system allows our clients to see what happens behind the scenes and gives them easy access to important information whenever they need it. 


Our office and individual team members have been acknowledged with multiple national and local awards. These awards highlight the results and standards we set as industry leaders. The awards are not about us, they are the evidence of our results, systems and commitment to excellence. Awards & Achievements

What makes us different?

Property management is our only focus. A combination of our experience, skilled people and highly effective systems sets us apart from traditional real estate agencies. We offer a safe solution for the management of your investment and the highest standard of professionalism.

Attention to detail

The most critical element of property management is attention to detail, particularly in relation to property condition reports, inspections and tenant selection. The future of your investment depends on how thorough your property manager is when handling these key areas. 

Ultimate protection

Protecting you and your investment is our number one priority. We have carefully researched insurance products to ensure we can provide advice in relation to the type of cover you need for maximum protection. We take every possible measure to ensure the right tenant is selected. However, sometimes circumstances change which can lead to tenancy issues. Our experience and knowledge in risk management combined with a comprehensive insurance product will give you peace of mind.

Proactive performance

Our systems help us take care of the daily tasks so that we can spend more time managing your asset. While some property managers stop at collecting rent and conducting routine inspections, we are constantly looking at new ways to improve the performance of your investment dollar. Some of the keys areas of our management include: reducing vacancy, monitoring market conditions, providing information on tax benefits and looking out for capital growth opportunities.

No hidden extras

A common mistake made when appointing a property manager is choosing one based on the lowest fees and the highest rent. When selecting a property manager you should be sceptical of low fees or discounting. Look out for the various 'extras' some agents charge in addition to their commission. A small difference in percentage will become irrelevant if the property is not managed effectively. 

Selective management criteria

We have a selection criteria for homes under our management. This doesn't mean we only manage high end 'executive' property, nor do we claim to be a 'boutique agency'. It simply means we only manage homes that are clean, well maintained and safe. The benefit to our clients is that we attract the highest quality tenants and, as a result, we maintain consistency in our service delivery.

Our mission

Is to provide our clients with the highest level of risk management and maximum return on investment. Our aim is to provide our clients with:

Ownership without risk
Control of their asset without concern
More time for other priorities
A sense of confidence in owning a property investment
A relationship based on trust and confidence

Take the risk out of renting.