Stress Free

I own a property that @home Property Management look after. Morgan and Casey do such a brilliant job! They have made what might have been a stressful experience very easy and stress free. @home has a wonderful team and everyone that works there is a delight to deal with. Thank you Morgan, Casey and the @home team!


Meg Thyne
April 22 2020

Excited for the Next Chapter with @home

I have just seen my property advertised and wanted to say the biggest thank you to you Olivia and the wider @home team. The photos look amazing. The property has never looked better. I’m taken back by how professional and caring the @home team is. Thank you for everything. I’m excited for next chapter with @home.

Jelena Sekanic
March 19 2020

Slick Operation

I just wanted to thank you personally and your wonderful team for the excellent experience of renting with @home Property Management. Being with @home for a number of years I was amazed at the consistently high standard of service I received from one staff member to the next. I started out with Aleshia, then Sam and now Robyn. They have all been wonderful to deal with on a regular basis. Robyn has had the task of 'exiting' me, which I would imagine would be a balance of maintaining a rapport with me and upholding the high standards of @home and equally high expectations of the owner. Robyn was fantastic. She was highly professional at all times, very efficient in providing me with information at the earliest opportunity and answered all queries very promptly. I would certainly recommend @home to my friends, confident that they will receive the same professional and efficient service. Each admin staff member I have dealt with by phone, in person or via email has also been equally friendly and efficient over the years also. I’ve never had an average interaction with anyone, which is pretty amazing. Thanks again for running a slick operation.

Annabel Shegog
March 18 2020

Lovely & Paitient

Caitlin, Colette, Maddy & Ceinwyn were all lovely and patient with me in my stressful moving/settling in stage. Caitlin was quick to follow up on work needed, so appreciative of that. Thanks to all the team for your support. 

March 16 2020

Professional With a Caring, Personable Nature

Our experience with Morgan over the last couple of years has by far been the singularly best Property Manager we have had in the 9 years we have been renting. She has been very professional with how she goes about all aspects of managing properties but also balances the professionalism with a wonderful caring and personable nature. I wanted to pass this on because most of the time people only point out things that they aren’t happy with, but I find it impossible not to say something about how good Morgan is at what she does. You are very lucky and should be very proud to have such a valuable member on your team, we consider ourselves very lucky to have her as our property manager.

Spencer Barnes
March 11 2020

Extremely Professional and Helpful

My wife and I have rented through @home for three separate properties now and they have been extremely professional and helpful. From our experience they treat both the owner and us as the tenant with care and respect and always maintain a very high standard with maintenance, inspections and also when vacating. I will also give a special mention to Morgan Walker who is a property manager with @home, she has proven to be the best property manager we have had over 9 years of renting and is always very helpful and really lovely to talk to. Morgan always balances the best interests of both the owner and the tenants in a professional and personable way and it is a delight to have her as our property manager.

Spencer Barnes
March 10 2020

Outstanding in Every Way

I have been renting with @home in a property in Kings Meadows for 12 months and have just moved from there and into another property with @home. Once again all the @home staff that were involved in my move have been outstanding in every way. My transition ran smoothly and I am now setting into my new premises . You have a wonderful team who all have lovely dispositions and I am very happy to still be with @home Property.

January 29 2020

Prompt Professional Service

I would just like to thank you and your team for your prompt and professional service. The friendliness of all your staff was welcoming and commendable and the ease of finding and renting a property through @home was much appreciated after returning to Australia after six years overseas. The little things like a smile, a box of chocolates and a welcoming card all made a big difference. Well Done and Many Thanks

Bill Hingham
December 04 2019

Wonderful Experience

I'm honoured to be able to give feedback!

The whole process with @home as been wonderful. From speaking with Matthew at the property on the day of viewing and encouraging us to submit an application to Georgia going above and beyond in helping us to secure the property. To the wonderful office girls every time I have come in to do the paper work they were all so lovely & kind and now after the move we have had a few things needing to be fixed and @home have straight away seen to them. Thank you so much. You have all made the move and new home feel wonderful. Bless you all for outstanding service.

Holly & Adam Lowe
December 04 2019

Highly Professional, Competent & Knowledgeable

Firstly I would like to say thank to Morgan for being such a great Property Manager and looking after my property. With out a doubt the best service I've ever had from both Morgan and the team from @home.

Morgan has been highly professional, competent, knowledgeable and have looked after both myself and my tenant and always worked towards a win win outcome for both of us.

I think many people lack the understanding of how important it is to balance these relationships and the value it adds to all parties involved including yourself.

Again thank you and hope I can be in a position to use your services in the future, but in the meantime I will be recommending yourself and @home to anyone looking for a Property Manager.

Chris Antypas
November 12 2019

High Level of Care

Several years ago we self-managed our unit and on the whole the experience was NOT enjoyable. Since we signed with @home the worry was really taken out of having an investment property. Your firm has done an excellent job and really took a high level of care with the property. Thank you. I would particularly like to say a few words about Maddy. I really couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Maddy was excellent both with the tenants, the property and with any issues which cropped up. Always highly professional but very friendly at the same time. We appreciate her common sense approach. Thank you again for a very enjoyable working relationship.

Rebekah & Gavin
November 01 2019

Polite, Informative & Helpful

My partner and I rented for 12 months through @home. The service we received was exceptional. Not only was it good for us as tenants it was obvious that the service supplied to owners was also exceptional too. We have rental properties ourselves and would be very happy to deal with @home as tenants and owners. I move around a bit and am forced to deal via the internet and phone. From the very first phone call I made I felt comfortable dealing with @home. They were polite, informative, helpful but most importantly combined those attributes with being business like while in Launceston, I heard nothing but good things about the business and worked with someone who also rented from @home he had the same opinion as me Well done!

Jim Fauser
July 29 2019

Exceeding Customer Service Expectations

Previously being in real estate (sales) for four years myself, I have high expectations of properties and the people who work in the industry… @home Property continues to surprise me with  their service being better than expected in every dealing I have with them. The team are never anything other than polite and efficient, exceeding all customer service expectations. I would recommend @Home Property to any landlord wanting their property cared for to the extreme and any tenant looking for honest, efficient and professional service and communication.

Teagan Wise
April 11 2019

Attentive to Detail

Robyn Midgley has been a brilliant Property Manager, particularly in negotiating the sensitive issue of cleaning standards with a long term tenant and in managing a vandalism issue at my property. She has always been very attentive to detail and prompt and overall I have been very impressed with her skills attributes and personal manner.

Cherie Podmore
April 08 2019

“Moments of Truth”

You are no doubt aware of “Moments of Truth” as they apply to a customer’s various interactions with a business. Can I say, that for this customer, every contact with your business, every 'moment of truth’, has far and away exceeded my expectations. Your staff are a credit to you, as is your business.

March 27 2019

Smooth & Prompt Process

Application process was smooth and prompt. We were even lucky enough to collect the keys to the house on a public holiday so to start the tenancy at the start of the working week. Very pleased with the friendly service. Thank you Bianca & co.

Natalie Martin
February 18 2019

Impeccable Service

The team from @home are amazing! From applying to moving into my rental property and the ongoing service is impeccable. They are all so friendly and helpful. Getting something repaired or looked at is never a problem and attended to promptly. Very happy to be renting through @home

Colin Donavan
February 07 2019

Friendly & Approachable

Just wanted to say a big thank you to @home for our wonderful renting experience over the last two years. Everything has been managed in such a professional and efficient manner. In particular we can't speak highly enough of our property manager Colette and everything that she has done for us. Her friendly and approachable manner is a pleasure to deal with and even with us finishing up our lease, the stressful and busy process of moving was made so much easier thanks to her. She is an asset to your company.

Alex & Josh.
January 23 2019

Professional, Courteous & Efficient

We have not rented a property for a very long time, however living on the east coast and our daughter and some of her friends attending college in Launceston, that has changed. We applied for a number of properties with a variety of agencies. However i can not recommend @home highly enough, Morgan & Olivia in particular. They listened to our requirement and needs, and although in the short term we had been unsuccessful they kept in touch until a wonderful alternative eventuated. Professional, courteous & efficient. Looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship for all parties.

Paul Whytcross
January 14 2019

A Extremely Professional Team

@home are an extremely professional team. They work quickly and efficiently regarding any query or issue! Always providing fully to the needs of their lease holders in a timely and helpful manner. Wonderful service in all areas . Highly recommended!

Tori Rattray
January 10 2019