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We respect your rights as a tenant during your tenancy. We are very different from traditional real estate agents: we won't treat you as a number, and we take the time to listen to your needs a work to find a prompt solution. We do take the management of investment properties seriously and we must act in the best interests of our clients while providing a duty of care to you as our customer. 

What are my rights as a tenant?

If you are unsure of your rights and obligations as a tenant we recommend you download The CBOS Rental Guide: A guide for property owners, property managers, tenants, and tenant advocates, this is also available to purchase from Service Tasmania. 

What's the best way to get in touch?

The best form of contact with our office is via email. If you do not have access to email, please contact our office by phone. 

It is important that all general and maintenance requests are submitted to our office in writing. This allows us to keep records of all important tenancy issues and prevents any miscommunication.

If you wish to visit the office to discuss any issues with a property management staff member, please arrange an appointment time. Our property management staff are often out of the office conducting inspections, and a prearranged appointment will ensure you are not left waiting.

Shared tenancy

We recommend that you nominate one person to be responsible for paying the rent and water usage. It is our experience that when sharing tenants pay their portion of the rent direct to us separately, problems invariably occur. You should be aware that all tenants are jointly and separately responsible for any debt of the tenancy, in other words, we do not distinguish between your individual payments.
Should any of the tenants living at the property change during the tenancy, you will need to fill out a Change of Shared Tenancy form and Change of Bond form in our office. Any additional occupants must make an application and be approved to live in the property.

What about rent?

It is your responsibility to pay rent on time. Rent is due on or before the due date (the date you have paid rent up to). Should you not be able to pay rent by the due date, it is imperative that you contact your property manager to make payment arrangements, which will be subject to the owner's approval. It is important to remember that the owner of the property has financial commitments to meet and they rely on rent being paid on time. If your rent continues to fall behind, we will advise the owner of their option to end your tenancy and we will act according to their instructions.

Urgent repairs

While we hope your tenancy will be trouble free, situations may arise that require repairs to be made. Please notify your property manager of any damage or repairs that may be required on the property. At all times your first contact to organise the repairs must be to our office. If a genuine emergency occurs out of office hours (Saturday, Sunday, public holidays, or after 5.30pm Monday to Friday) please contact our preferred contractors:


Premium Plumbing - 0408 561 829


Tones Electrical - 0438 272 241


Premier Locksmiths - 0409 956 064

Jacksons Security - 03 6331 7644


O'Brien Glass - 1800 824 133

Power outage

TasNetworks Electricity emergencies and faults - 13 2004 - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Link to check current power outages 

Cable PIs

TasNetworks also manage the issuing of CablePIs which are free of charge. Please ensure you have an operating Cable PI device at all times.

You can order these via the TasNetworks website – and the device will be posted within 3 business days.


If you are unable to reach the above preferred contractors, please locate a 24-hour service in the local yellow pages and arrange repairs as quickly as possible. Please be aware that if an after hours call-out is made and the maintenance issue is deemed to be non urgent, you may be responsible for the additional costs. Please ensure that you notify our office if you have arranged emergency repairs after hours on the first business day after the event.

All general repairs must be reported to our office in writing. If a tradesperson is required to attend the property and a suitable time has been agreed between you and the tradesperson and you are not home to provide access, you may be required to pay for the standard service call for the visit. Where a repair request is reported to our office and it is found to be caused by neglect from you or any visitors, you will be responsible for the payment of the account. Examples are power failure due to one of your faulty appliances, or a foreign object blocking toilet drainage.

What about inspections?

Our office will carry out periodic inspections on the property to check the condition of the property and any necessary maintenance requirements. Written notice will be given to you on all occasions. We also carry out periodic drive-by inspections. Regular inspections allow you the opportunity to point out any maintenance issues that may be of concern.

Other inspections may include: prospective tenants if you have given notice to vacate, prospective buyers if the property is on the market for sale, general valuations, sales appraisals and emergency inspections. We will always give you the appropriate notice in accordance with the Tenancy Act.

What happens if I want to end my tenancy early?

We can help you should your circumstances change and you need to end your tenancy agreement early. However, it is important to understand your obligations.

When you break a lease, you are terminating a legally binding agreement between you and the owner of the property. In doing so, there are certain procedures and costs that are associated. It is important that you discuss this with your property manager before you consider an early termination of lease or enter into any other contract, be it a purchase or other rental property.

What happens if I get locked out?

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being locked out of your property you may visit our office to collect our office set of keys. It is important to note that, for privacy and security reasons, we are only able to give keys to tenants who are listed on the tenancy agreement and photo identification must be produced. If you lock yourself out after office hours you will need to contact a locksmith to gain access. (Please see our preferred locksmiths above.) We highly recommend that you keep a spare key for emergencies; however, please be aware that you are required to register any key copies with our office.

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