Posted by Michelle Give a little to save a lot

There is an old saying “You will get what you give”. Owning investment properties is sometimes not about managing the property, but managing the people and problem solving. 

A happy and co-operative tenant = A happy landlord. 
A happy and co-operative landlord = A happy tenant
A happy tenant and landlord = A happy property manager

The reality is, not everyone is happy all of the time with decisions that are made and actions that have to be taken. A recent example  that we have heard of was a dispute between a landlord and tenant.  At the end of the tenancy the gardens were left in a poor condition with many of the plants dying.  The weather conditions over that six months were poor, which the tenant believed adversely affected the gardens.The landlord was adamant that the tenant had to pay for the replacement of all the plants and attend minor cleaning at the property.  The tenant obviously felt differently and considered it fair wear and tear.

The property manager tried their best to mediate the situation to work towards a compromise.  However, the landlord insisted that the matter be taken to the courts to be heard. Prior to the hearing, further mediation between the parties took place. The dispute was for $80 cleaning and seven plants @ $14.95 each. After many attempts of negotiating between the parties the landlord agreed to pay for half the plants, which the tenant was happy with. The entire dispute was over $184.65 and the compromise was $52.30.  The time, energy and court costs were far greater.

The moral to the story… If a dispute arises, sometimes it is in the best interest of all parties to compromise and give a little. It is our focus as a managing agent to negotiate the best outcome for our clients.  However, everyone wants to feel like they have won and often giving a little can save a lot. 

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