Completing an application

The most efficient way to apply for a property is by using an industry standard online application called 1Form. This allows you to save your details and in necessary change the property you are applying for. This avoids having to complete a new application each time and it is a generic application used across most real estate agencies.

The second option is to complete a manual application, this can be supplied by our office via email or in person at our office.

Below is a link to the online application, please also read the information below to assist you with your application.

Apply Online

Supporting documents

There are a number of documents which are usually required to accompany your rental application. Prior to commencing your search for a rental property, it is recommended that you collate these relevant documents in preparation for when you need to submit an application. This will further improve your ability to secure a rental property and ensure you are fully prepared to attend inspections and apply promptly.


Your application will not be processed until all documents are provided. 

  • Credit Report: (Equifax if moving from interstate or Tasmanian Collection Service if local)
  • Photo Identification:  Passport or Driver’s License, Student Card
  • Proof of Income: (Wage Slips, Bank Statements, Employee Letter, Centrelink Statement).
  • Proof of Address: Copy of (Phone or Electricity Account, Tenancy Agreement, Council Rate Notice)
  • Proof of regular housing payments: (Rent Receipts, Rental Ledger - supplied by your current agent, Proof of Mortgage Payments)

Additional Information 


Any reference you may have had from past landlords and employers. This will establish you're employment and rental history and may assure the landlord that you are genuine and trustworthy.

Pet references - if you have a pet, it is advised to include a pet reference from your past or current landlord; stating the condition of the property upon vacation and disturbance level from your pet whilst you were living there.

Proof of Income

Proof of employment, recent pay slips, bank statements and other proof of income will demonstrate you are financially able to rent the property.

Deposit / rental ledger – this document provides a summary of your payment history for a previous rental property. Created by your previous agent, this document is highly regarded and therefore should be on the top of your priority list.

Credit Report

You will be required to provide a recent credit history report (no more than 3 months old). If you have resided in Tasmania for the past 5 years a report from Tasmanian Collection Services can be supplied. If you have lived interstate within the past 5 years we will require a report from Equifax. We recommend that you pay the fee to receive this immediately to avoid delays with your application being processed.  


Photo identification – we require a minimum of 2 forms of ID (one is required to be photo ID) this, in the form of a driver’s license or even a passport. A secondary ID can include a Medicare card, savings account card, birth certificate, and a utility account with your current address.  The purpose of this is to confirm you are who you say you are.

Additional Information

You may wish to include a cover letter with your application form, reinforcing the reasons why your application should be considered by the property owner. This is particularly important if there is anything that may suggest to the owner that there is risk such as an outstanding debt or a reference that may not be favorable for some reason. It is important to be honest and upfront when providing information about your rental and financial history.  

Processing your application

In most instances, we are able to process your application within 48 hours and we will advise you by phone or email. If we are unable to contact all of your referees, this process may take longer. We suggest that you notify the referees that we will be in contact and the importance of a quick response.  

Approval of an application

If your application is approved, you will be required to sign the tenancy agreement within 24 hours to secure the tenancy. It is important that you carefully read these documents if they are being sent to you by email, in most cases however we will require an in-office interview to ensure that you have read and understand all obligations under the agreement.

Securing the property - payment of bond & rent

Once the application has been approved, you will be required to transfer the holding deposit which includes a minimum of 2 week’s rent and the bond which is the equivalent of 4 weeks rent within 48 hours. Please note that this must be paid in cleared funds (EFT transfer, Money order or bank cheque). Personal cheques and cash will not be accepted at our office.

It is important to understand that the property will not be secured for you until all monies have been received by our office and all parties have signed the tenancy agreement.