Posted by Michelle What’s New @home?

We are always looking at how we can improve the delivery of our service and the value we offer to our clients. We believe our greatest responsibility as managing agents is to maintain the property to ensure the capital value is maximised and also to manage the risks. 

We are currently trialling a new mobile app inspection report program called Inspection Manager. This new technology allows us to complete routine inspections plus ingoing and outgoing inspections on a mobile device which integrates with our internal database.   

The benefit to our clients is that it provide a more detailed reporting with supporting images within the repot. It is a more efficient process allowing our office to get the reports to you sooner and we can refer back to previous reports on site if there are any potential discrepancies. The reports are also designed to highlight potential risk areas and protect you as a client from potential claims.

If you receive one of the new routine inspection reports we would appreciate all constructive feedback.  

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